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How to seduce your clients

Looking for that special someone today? We know that finding the ideal client is not always easy. And when you do find them, the trick is to turn them into a loyal fan. So today we are letting cupid do it’s thing and share our tips on how to seduce your clients!

1) Self Reflection

Know yourself and your business inside and out

Before you get ready to find your ideal client it’s important to thoroughly understand your own industry. Start by analyzing your business and put yourself in the client’s shoes. Is everything clear and simple or are there some things that can cause confusion and make the client walk away.

An important factor is to position yourself as an expert about your product or service. Showcase your knowledge so people are inclined to come to you if they want more information. Many potential customers drop out if they don't understand the value of your services or products.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why should customers buy your product or service?

  • What is your unique value proposition? What differentiates you from competitors?

  • Why do they need your product or service? What value do you deliver?

  • What solution can you offer and what are the benefits for your customer?

What is your strategy, what is your personal brand and how are you perceived in the market?

Who are you, what are your values and how do you position yourself? Are you authentic?

2) Find your type

Hey, how YOU doin’?

When you really know everything there is to know about your business, you can start prospecting. But who are you going to talk to? Don't be that person in the bar trying to win over every single person. But take a moment to think about what type of clients your company provides a solution for. It's time to do some serious investigating. If you want your audience to fall in love with your business, it’s essential to know what makes them excited.

Ask the questions: who are they and what are their needs?

All the information you collect can be used to create your customer persona.

Narrow down or create a target audience and avoid making the typical mistake to think that everyone would benefit from your services.

3) Attract the one

Time to show off those charms of yours. Let’s swipe on tinder.

With your target audience in mind, show up at the places where they are most likely to spend their time (media, online, offline, mail, tinder etc.).

Once you have identified your target audience, you want to attract attention and generate interest so that people can get to know your business. You don't need to convince them to engage with you yet, but you need to get them excited.

If you don’t want to bore your audience, use eye-catching and strong content such as blogs, newsletters, videos and photos, case studies, testimonials, presentations, e-books, websites, etc. To write good content, think about what a customer needs or maybe even expects from you. How will you introduce yourself/company to the market? What Tone of Voice are you going to use for your communication?

First impressions are so important here! Statistics show that on average you only have 3 seconds to grab the attention of a potential customer on your website. For women it is 2 seconds and for men 4 seconds. (Men are apparently slower… don’t shoot the messenger).

Don’t put all your cards on the table yet. In this stage we’re not yet promoting all our products or services, we’re purely informing the audience.

4) Show interest

We all hate that date who spends the entire night talking about themselves.

Same goes for your audience. Start an interesting conversation, send an informative newsletter or write an helpful e-book. Be creative, unique and memorable. Often it helps if the audience can recognize themselves in your situation. Speak from your own experiences and make it personal. Once the audience gets the feeling that you understand them through and through, the interest is raised. But stop selling, start helping! Even though you should make the audience feel understood, don’t make it a monologue. Spend more time listening than talking! In this phase, you offer a solution for the problem of your target audience.

5) Go on a date

You are the one they have been waiting for!

Time to put on the big boy pants and go on a date! In this phase you can start setting up the foundation for the result you want to achieve. You survived the hardest part of this journey. Your ideal client is interested and you have his attention, but this is where it gets exciting.

Present your service or product as a solution to your clients’ needs. By doing this, you put the customer first and trust will grow between your company and the client. This will facilitate their decision to engage with you. But as I'm sure you've already experienced, you can’t force anyone to like you. If you move too fast, the client will feel cornered and start looking somewhere else.

Take it step by step. You don’t ask when you are moving in together on the first date. So instead, give clients a list with all the benefits of trying your services. They can't love what they haven't tried.

Create compelling messages that should convince your ideal audience to team up with you. Again, position yourself as an expert in the field and show them that you understand their pain. Then show them how you can remove their pain. (Preferably better and more efficiently than your competitors)

6) Let’s get engaged

And they lived happily ever after…

At this point the client is interested and has a desire for your services. Now you show us your selling skills and get the client to take action. If you took the necessary steps we previously explained, you can proceed to build a loyal client base. We all like the fairy tale ending where your client falls in love with your business and becomes a loyal fan. But as we all know, this doesn’t happen overnight. Focus on building strong relationships between you and your clients. For them to keep coming back year after year, you need a few things.

  • Great customer service

  • Products or services with exceptional value

  • Brand ambassadors

  • Feedback

Don’t sell it and forget it! Keep connecting with your clients even after the sale is done.

Most businesses spend so much time seducing the client, and spend no time once the deal is done. But the better you continue to take care of the relationship, the more likely it is that your clients will tell their friends about you. And makes them want to come back.

Sometimes a simple “thank you” goes a long way! Show your appreciation by sending a card or offering them a discount for their next purchase. This will also give you the opportunity to ask for feedback. Make sure you’re always evolving and providing the right value for your clients.

In the end a loyal fan base also contributes to your credibility and image. And will make your next seducing journey a little bit easier.

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